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Cuts & Grades

Basic Guide to Wood Grades

Choosing the cut and grade will determine the base aspect of your floor. The orientation of the growth rings and the end grain determines the look of the plank and also its properties. This basic guide will assist your decision.

Plain sawn - known as most common cut, is generally the most economical. The rings are about 30 degrees to the face of the board offering a cathedral pattern display.

 Quarter Sawn - known for a straight grain pattern, has a higher-end look. This cut offers greater stability with almost no twisting, cupping or warping. It is also pricier due to the intense production process required.

 Rift Sawn - it is known for its best stability and also the most wasteful to produce. It offers a uniform linear look. It is priced the highest.

Lumber grade determines the appearance of the floor and percentage of knots, from clear to rustic.



                                                     Clean & uniform                    Mostly clean, grain variation


                                          Grain variation, some knots       Increased number & knots size


With every species however, there is great variety. The higher the number, the more rustic the floor will be.

To learn more about lumber grades, we suggest visiting: http://www.globalwood.org, or simply ask us for more information. We can assist you finding the right floor for your project.


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