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We supply quality custom flooring and provide cabinetry solutions to residential and commercial clients. Browse our gallery and check our store for available products. We carry a fair range of cabinet hardware and a selection of wide plank flooring beautifully stained to suit most designs. Along side our selection we offer the option of custom staining and finishing your choice of bare floor.

Engineered floors are often the necessary alternative to hardwood floors. They have been designed for increased stability over radiant subfloors or infloor heating. Additionally, they allow many of the exotic species which typically are both expensive and unstable, to be used as veneers over plywood, hence reducing the cost compared to using solid wood and increasing overall stability.  

Our engineered floors are mainly wide planks, acquired within North America and domestically. We provide free samples and custom stain in our Langley facility. The majority of our wide planks  range from 6 to 10 ft and longer. These features coupled with our dedicated service, are reliable tools for any designer, builder or home owner to fulfill a desired vision.


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